About the XSquawkBox/VATSIM X-Plane Simulation Rate Enforcement


I’ve written this article to explain a bit about the simulation rate enforcement decision, how it came to be, and the goals and theory of operation of the actual mechanism as implemented in XSquawkBox and other clients that use the XSquawkBox detection algorithm. 

I’m also going to briefly touch on the alternate plans I considered, and where possible, why I didn’t follow through with them.

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XSquawkBox 2.0beta4 Released

XSquawkBox 2.0 beta 4 hotfix 2 is up on the Downloads page.

(hotfix 1 has been released to address a build issue with portaudio that resulted in the macos 10.15 dependency creeping back in – it contains no other changes and should work on older macOS releases now).

(hotfix 2 has been released to address a build issue with opus that resulted in AVX optimisations always being present on macOS and possibly Linux as well)

This release incorporates a number of bugfixes as well as a reversion to the older portaudio sound driver. More importantly, macOS 10.14 and newer are supported again when used with X-Plane 11.41 (or newer).

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Audio looping back on Transmit (It’s not a bug)

I’ve had a few reports of this now. Symptoms are that you hear your transmission (with radio effects, if enabled) shortly after you transmit. This is not a bug.

Transmissions only block the transmitting radio – this is actually how real aircraft radios work – you’re hearing yourself on the other radio.

To “fix” it, turn off the second radio via the audio panel, or tune it to a different frequency.

XSB 2.0 beta 4 – Incompatible with macOS 10.11 and earlier

One of the libraries used in the new voice support uses the posix monotonic time functions which are not available in macOS prior to 10.12.

Given that the macOS upgrades are free, macOS 10.12 supports systems up to 10 years old, and it represents an unreasonable support burden to fix this issue, I will be discontinuing support for macOS 10.11 and earlier, and the documentation will be updated in the next release to reflect this change.

Please do not report any issues related to macOS versions prior to 10.12