Server … could not be resolved

A long standing bug has been found in all versions of XSquawkBox with the interpretation of the VATSIM master status list – this bug manifests as XSquawkBox being unable to connect to servers from the serverlist, giving the error “Server <servername> could not be resolved”.

A bugfix will be coming shortly in 1.3.3b4.

At present, because of this bug, there is a 20% chance that XSquawkBox will be unable to find the server list.  Restarting X-Plane will allow it to try again.

Known Incompatibility: X-Plane 11, XSB 1.3.2 and the IXEG 733 1.0.x

Yesterday night I was able to confirm that there is a compatibility issue that exists with the specific combination of:

  • the IXEG 733 version 1.0.7 (and presumably earlier) with its respective version of Gizmo
  • XSquawkBox Version 1.3.2
  • X-Plane 11.0r1 (also known to affect the betas, but does not affect X-Plane 10)

The bug will result in Legacy CSL aircraft failing to load their textures, and significant VRAM usage proportional to the amount of time Legacy CSL aircraft are visible in frame.

Until the IXEG 733 is updated with full X-Plane 11 compatibility, I can only recommend that you do not use it with X-Plane 11.  If you must use it with X-Plane 11, then you will need to use XSquawkBox 1.3.1 until XSquawkBox 1.3.3 is released as 1.3.3 will contain a fix for our half of the problem.

Please do NOT report any further bugs relating to this combination of software to Laminar Software, to VATSIM, or to myself.

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Using old (pre-1.3) versions of XSquawkBox on VATSIM

As I mentioned when I released the XSquawkBox 1.3.1 update, we discovered a bug in the server list that prevented users from connecting to the servers after a recent change.

If you want to continue using a pre-1.3.1 version of XSquawkBox (for example, you’re still using X-Plane 9 or earlier), you’ll need to manually enter the server IP address when connecting as the server list feature will not select a valid address.

To do this, you’ll need to find the IP address of a VATSIM server close to you – you can find this out using the excellent VAT-Spy software (Windows only), or searching for a webpage that lists the current servers (such as Delta Virtual’s Server Information Page).  If you enter the IP address directly into the server text-box, your old version of XSquawkBox should be able to connect as normal.