An update on XSquawkBox 2.0beta3… (updated 26 Nov)

The audio interface rewrite to fix the Mac issues is mostly complete now and the basic output tests passed this evening. This update should happen in the next few days.

(Update 26-Nov) Got caught up with a bug in the new audio-driver, however, as a fortuitous benefit, the pulseaudio bug appears to have been related, so pulseaudio is back on the cards for the Linux users.

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A Short Delay…

Sure enough, problems were hit – a combination of macOS build specific issues, autobuilder problems and an upstream dependency updating and breaking the AFV-Native conan packages and the autobuilders all at once – and whilst I got a working build late on Thursday night, I stumbled into a few unacceptable bugs and missed my opportunity window for a Thursday release.

I’m currently travelling and won’t be able to finalise the release until later today/sometime tomorrow at the earliest, and in a worse case, Tuesday/Wednesday next week.