Known Issues and Limitations

This is a list of all known issues and reporting requirements for any related issues.

I’m getting disconnected for Time Dilation but my framerate is good

There are no known issues with the detector itself – there’s a bug in the warning code in b4 and earlier where if you have previously had time dilation detected, the warning when it is detected again is delayed making it seem like you’re being disconnected for very little, when in fact, you’ve been exhibiting symptoms for quite a while prior.  Please see About the XSquawkBox/VATSIM X-Plane Simulation Rate Enforcement for more details on how the detector works and why it is highly unlikely that these determinations are in error.

If you believe the determination is in error, you must enable disk logging of your “Frame rate” and “Latitude, longitude, and altitude” and include the complete, unmodified data.txt in addition to all other standard reporting requirements.  Please see “Data Input and Output from X-Plane” from the X-Plane manual (or for X-Plane 10).  As the data.txt can be quite large, it is recommended to zip it and the log.txt file, upload them to dropbox, onedrive or similar cloud file service that supports file sharing, and include a sharing link in the bug report.

Please note that the developer will not respond to these cases unless a clear error can be determined from the provided data.

OBS or X-Plane with External Flight Models (xview & multi-system rendering) is disconnected for Time Dilation

This was an oversight on my behalf – it will be fixed in the next release after beta4.

Please note that X-Plane masters in multi-system rendering setups must still achieve the minimum update rate to not experience time dilation, and are still subject to the checks.

Audio Stuttering after approximately 1 hour

It’s believed this issue is resolved in 2.0beta4.

“The server … could not be resolved”

Upgrade to the latest Beta and try again before reporting any issues.  If you’re trying to connect to localhost, use the IP address ( rather than the name.

Aircraft Lights (Legacy CSL)

Aircraft Lights for legacy CSL are not getting an overhaul.  The fix is to use OBJ8 CSLs instead.

Legacy CSL support is effectively deprecated with the XSquawkBox 1.3.x family, and full support for Legacy CSLs will be dropped at some point in the future.  (Legacy CSLs are drawn by libxplanemp, OBJ8 CSLs are drawn by XPlane itself).

If you want better lights, upgrade your CSL set.  If you’re an artist, make OBJ8 CSLs!

No bug reports related to the aesthetics of Legacy CSL rendered aircraft will be accepted.

Model Matching

Model Matching actually works fine (as of 1.3.3), but there’s a massive pile of edge cases we can do nothing about which make it look worse than it actually is:

  • We cannot compensate for people who insist on using invalid ICAO Equipment Codes, which has been the main source of problems in 1.3.3 where a viable match is possible.  Frequent offenders here include:
    • fictional variant codes (such as for Winglet variants, freight variants or engine changes – we support variants via livery codes – but ICAO usually only assigns a single equipment code for all variants unless the variation produces a significant change in the aircraft’s performance)
    • Using completely incorrect codes for new models not in the old (shipping) Equipment lists.  e.g:  using the invalid code A380 instead of the official code A388 for the Airbus A380-800, the invalid code B787 instead of the official code B788 for the Boeing 787-800, etc.
  • We cannot compensate for model sets that use non-generic liveries in the no-airline slot.  Bluebell CSL does this.
  • We cannot compensate for people changing their aircraft type without reconnecting (aircraft type can only set once in most clients – on connection – and changing whilst connected isn’t enough to affect a change of type for the clients).
  • We cannot improve related-type matching without user contributions to the related type table.
  • We can’t magically match types for which there is no related type or a CSL available – if you want a new airline’s livery to appear and it isn’t already available, somebody needs to produce it.

Model matching issue reports must be on 1.3.3 or newer, must include a log with full model matching debug enabled and at least one “.debug csl” output.

Legacy XSquawkBox Issues (1.3.3 and earlier)

XSquawkBox Crashed when I Clicked “Setup Audio” (or did anything else Audio/Voice related)

Upgrading to the latest release will prevent the crash.

Audio Notifications

As simple as this one may seem, it requires a fairly deep rework of Audio Support.

This will not be fixed in the 1.3 family, but will be fixed in a future release.  Do not report related issues.

“USB Headset” Issues

Please bear in mind that a recent UI bug was masquerading as a headset issue.  Please ensure you’re running 1.3.3b2 or newer.

No user reported USB Headset issues have been successfully reproduced.  (The main developer uses a USB headset).

All USB headset issues must have been tested on 1.3.3 or newer, include a full log.txt, a full description of all testing done.  

Testing that only uses the information in the audio setup dialogue, does not include a squelch test and does not actually attempt to use the hardware to communicate will be ignored.

High Performance Audio Hardware Issues

The developers do not have access to high performance audio hardware such as 24-bit, 96Khz Sampling professional capture hardware, or other exotic equipment and as such, can’t debug any issues with them that can’t be reproduced using conventional hardware (such as USB Headsets and integrated audio).

Whilst the developers may accept donations of hardware to help diagnose these issues, results won’t be guaranteed as there are some limitations inherent to the VATSIM voice support which may exclude hardware that can’t support old/classic audio capture formats.

Keyboard Binding Issues with X-Plane 11

There was a number of subtle changes in X-Plane 11 which broke the ability of XSquawkBox to bind certain keys.  (For example, Tab is no longer a viable key to bind).

This will not be fixed in the 1.3 family, but will be fixed in a future release.  Do not report related issues.