Reporting Issues with XSquawkBox

If you are having problems with XSquawkbox, before you report any issues:

  • Ensure the issue is not listed as a “Known Issue” in the README file (included in the download).
  • Ensure you have read the user manual (included in the download), in particular the section about troubleshooting, and followed any advice in there.
  • Ensure you have read the FAQ and followed any relevant advice in there.
  • Check the website’s “Known Issues” list for the issue you’re experiencing.
  • Consider asking for help on the VATSIM forums

If you have narrowed the problem down to XSquawkBox specifically, and none of the above helps with your issue, be sure to complete the form below in full as to provide enough information for the developers to investigate the issue further.

Issue submission through this website is purely for (potential) bugs in XSB.

Issues related to the VATSIM network itself, your system, your networking equipment or providers, or third party software will not be responded to.

You also will not be contacted about your issue:

  • If it is a FAQ, and a published answer already exists.
  • If it relates to a published known issue and does not conform to the reporting requirements.
  • If it involves a deprecated or unsupported version of X-Plane or XSquawkBox
  • If it contains any reference at all to a feature request.  (Please see the policy on feature requests)
  • If you’ve reported it previously.
  • If you do not make a reasonable effort to fill out the reporting form in good faith.
  • It has been acknowledged by the developer elsewhere.
  • The material provided shows that you have not exhaustively tested the problem yourself, or you have not eliminated causes outside of XSquawkBox itself.