Known Bugs in 1.3.3 beta 1 – beta 2 coming shortly

In the past 24 hours I’ve managed to confirm and correct two bugs  in beta1 which will be fixed in a new beta release I expect to have ready this weekend.

The first bug is fairly serious – it turns out that the pop-up list widget hasn’t been working properly with X-Plane 11 – any pop-up lists that had an action associated with an item being selected (such as in the Audio Setup dialog) weren’t having their action triggered.  A fix for this will be in 1.3.3b2.

The second bug is just annoying – The search and filter for the airline entry box had a bug where if the combined number of matches from an airline codes search and an airline name search exceeded 50, it would not allow you to select anything other than “No airline”.  This has now been fixed in 1.3.3b2 so if you have only a few matches on code, and a lot of matches on partial airline name, you can still choose one of the matches on code, and vice versa.