XSquawkBox 1.3.3 Beta 1 Released

A beta build of 1.3.3 has been released.

This beta build expires on 16 May 2017.

Please report any issues using the issue reporting form.

Read on for a list of bug fixes included in this release.

The beta can be downloaded from the Download page

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed a bug with model matching where receiving a valid ICAO type in a flight plan notification would reset the matched model to the generic livery for that type, rather than retaining the full type/airline/livery match already established.
  • Fixed a bug in libxplanemp where changes to the model wouldn’t take effect once a model had been loaded and rendered once
  • Fixed the model matching behaviour in libxplanemp to actually scan through all of the most reasonble combinations, with the level of accuracy implied by the documentation.
  • Updated the related aircraft table to include new (2000-onwards) jetliners and split out some of the GA types a bit better.
  • Updated the DOC8643 list to current
  • Rewrote the preferences storage code to handle long preference lines reliably
  • Fixed a series of bugs where another plug-in could cause xplanemp to think the texture load for a Legacy CSL had failed and leak texture memory.
  • Updated the Flight Plan dialogue to include the current equipment suffix and prefix codes as per the FAA AIM of 9 December 2015.
  • The “Connect” dialog now correctly persists ICAO Type, Airline and Livery codes between uses. It also now correctly shows which server is selected in the dropdown box when first displayed.
  • Removed the need for the old “equipment” csv, instead sharing the DOC8643 table used by libxplanemp which contained the same data.
  • Audio preferences are now committed to the preferences file when the audio setup dialogue is dismissed rather than relying on the old (probably unreliable) behaviour.

Known Issues in this Beta

  • Asynchronous loading of OBJ8 CSLs may have been unreliable and has been disabled in the beta.  The simulator will pause briefly when it has to load a new aircraft model as a result.  This feature is currently under investigation and may be re-enabled manually (see the instructions in the README).  Future builds will have this re-enabled if the issue is determined to lie elsewhere, or the feature is fixed.
  • COM2 works for voice receive only – you will not see text messages for your COM2 frequency.