XSquawkBox 1.3.3 beta 4 released

XSquawkBox 1.3.3 beta 4 has been released and is available on the download page.  All XSquawkBox users are advised to upgrade.

This beta will expire 29 June 2017.

This release fixes another long-standing bug in the server list parsing code which has been responsible for causing intermittent failures in XSquawkBox’s ability to connect to the network.


Prior to 1.3.3b4, XSquawkBox used an inherently flawed parser for the VATSIM status file that used pattern matching to find information in the network status and server list files.

The design meant that XSB could not detect the comment marker on the start of a line of the status file, and would include commented out server records in its list of viable server list sources.  As the actual source used is determined randomly from the servers available, this was resulting in a 20% failure rate when one server out of five total was commented out (as is the case at the moment).

1.3.3b4 has a completely new status file and server list parser that uses conventional line-oriented parsing techniques rather than pattern matching and should be significantly more reliable than the old parser.

There was a secondary bug where non-200 HTTP status codes encountered when processing the status file and server list were still being treated as successful.  This was preventing XSB from displaying a warning message when it failed to get the server list from the bad server.  This bug is now fixed.

Finally, all the error messages around server name resolution and the server list were reviewed and a few were altered to improve their clarity.

As an additional change in this area, XSquawkBox now will not accept single-component host names for the server as this is the format used for referencing servers from the server list.  The reason for this particular change is to ensure a useful error message can be given when a server that no longer exists in the server list is selected.

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