AFV Progress Report

AFV Support is coming along nicely – audio receive is now mostly debugged and has been confirmed working on both Linux and Windows.

As a small teaser, I’ve included a capture of the standalone test client listening to the test ATIS server I’m running.

(My test ATIS server probably sounds a lot worse than the official one as I’m using the Windows speech synthesis, rather than than a cloud service as the real network uses.)

Still no predicted release date, but we’re definitely getting closer.

7 Replies to “AFV Progress Report”

  1. Sounds really great, will everything (like private .msg or contact-me or FRQ-List) be included with the Plugin into X-Plane once it’s released or will it be an additional standalone client outside of X-Plane like all the new clients are? (I would obviously prefer the immersive no-need-for-leaving-my-cockpit solution as in the current XSquawkboxversion)

    1. It’s fully integrated. The video was the test client which was a standalone tool to make it easier to debug before integration started.

  2. Ben: Really relying on you for a Mac version as Swift is way (way way) too complicated and doesn’t work consistently. Please help us as VATSIM doesn’t seem to care about Mac users. I’m willing to contribute to your development efforts ($$, not technically) if that would help. Thanks.

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