AFV Support is Coming…

It’s been a long time since I was last able to post an update here.

First of all, XSquawkBox is not dead. It’s been largely dormant due to my not having enough time to do the things necessary to produce a new release. I’ve managed to make time starting from last week, with a specific goal of getting a new release with AFV support ready.

What happened to 1.4?

XSquawkBox 1.4 ultimately was stillborn – it was mostly ready last year but a sudden and unexpected mass-crash event (around 15 December 2018) which some of you may have personally experienced, threw a major spanner in the works.

Given we couldn’t get any concrete information about what triggered the incident, and I wasn’t comfortable releasing a new release without fixing such a major bug first, I decided to stop the release work, and then I just couldn’t find the time to trace out the networking code (not a small task) to work out what could have gone wrong.

Moving Forward…

We will be using 1.4 as the basis for the upcoming release, but the scale of changes required for Audio for VATSIM (AFV) dictates a new version number – the next release will be 2.0. (and the old 2.0 will become 3.0).

X-Plane 10 will still be supported by the new 2.0, but that will be the last major version to do so, with only bug-fixes or minor updates coming after. 3.0 and beyond will focus on X-Plane 11 and beyond.

AFV support is the current priority – the portable (non-integrated) implementation of AFV is about 70% done now, with the most challenging portions finished. The UI and integration work, however, is expected to be substantial, so I can’t project a release date other than “hopefully soon”.

Portable AFV support is currently being coded…

What about that bug?

As far as I’m aware, It’s still there, but there’s been no further news of such incidents.

As it is, I will be taking the opportunity to rework the networking components in XSquawkBox to take advantage of the new networking code that we’re using in our AFV implementation – as the new networking code (based on libevent) is far more robust and encourages more robust practice, I’m fairly confident we will eliminate the bug in the process.

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    1. Absolutely – this has been a hard requirement for all new XSB releases since we got the Linux port back in order, and is one of the most difficult factors in a change of this scale.

  1. Will the next release allow the aircraft to be clamped to the ground so we don’t have any more shark tails or floating planes?


  2. Thanks for you4 hard work providing free software for us. Man users would grounded without it.

  3. Chris,

    thanks for your dedication in bringing us this much needed interface for the online experience.
    I have an excellent reputation in software testing, because I seem to have a bad karma, that influences even the stablest software. For a proof, ask Philipp Ringler…
    So If you need an ear for confessive debugging or want some crash reoports – I am running a Mac installation.

    Best regards,
    Jörg Hermann

  4. Thanks for the dedication and hard work in keeping XSB moving forward, Chris.

    Also willing to lend a hand in whatever testing use cases you may need in the near future. I was frequently involved with your predecessor’s efforts on XSB in helping reproduce issues.

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