XSB 2.0b1 is on Final

The 2.0 release is now feature complete and I’m just doing the last bit of debugging and clean-up before we produce the final binaries.

Assuming we don’t stumble into any complex macOS specific problems, I expect to have the initial binary release tomorrow (Thursday). Proper documentation will take a few more days as I’ll have to rewrite the manual as a lot has changed.

The change-log excerpt from the release (as it stands right now) is as follows:


  • Integrated AFV-Native to support the new VATSIM Audio Platform. This AFV client implementation (AFV-Native) and integration represents 1-month of full-time professional development effort and is a significant improvement over the old VVL. AFV-Native will be open-sourced in short order.
  • We now support sending and receiving text radio messages on COM2.
  • Added .rx and .tx commands to provide access to the radio audio panel controls in models that do not have the right datarefs hooked up.
  • Switched to using the 8.33KHz spacing radio datarefs for future 8.33Khz frequency spacing support.
  • The old keyboard/button-intercept system is gone – There’s now a series of bindable commands in the xsquawkbox/ namespace which replace them. You’ll need to bind this by hand after upgrading!
  • From libxplanemp: Fixed a bug that was causing asynchronous OBJ7 loads to crash the simulator.
  • XSquawkBox is now a two man effort – please thank Jared Davison for adding his assistance to the client.
  • From libxplanemp: Fix for the MSAA text size bug.
  • From libxplanemp: Fix for the texture handle bug with specific versions of the FF A320.
  • From libxplanemp: Removed OpenGL state readbacks to avoid driver stalls.
  • From libxplanemp: Fixed bug where libxplanemp tries to control AI aircraft when it didn’t have exclusive control over the AI aircraft system.
  • From libxplanemp: Obey simulator’s anisotropic filtering setting when loading textures for legacy CSLs.
  • Observer Mode Support.
  • Aircraft Configuration State Visibility with Ground Level Correction.
  • Aural notifications on direct message and wallops.
  • Time Dilation safety check and enforcement.
  • Automatic Disconnect on slew and aircraft model change.

8 Replies to “XSB 2.0b1 is on Final”

  1. i’d like to be first guy to try Xsquawkbox for macOS
    waiting you email

  2. So much looking forward to using this on my mac. Xsquawkbox has always been the choice (for mr) for mac users on Apple Mac.

    If I can be of assistance in testing please let me know but I would think you have so many offers for this position already lol.

    Once again, keep up the excellent work and I do appreciate the time thou have put into this project.

    While I believe vatsim do not allow payment for software such as this, is there another way we can offer a gratuity payment for all your hard work?

    1. Totally agree William

      “While I believe vatsim do not allow payment for software such as this, is there another way we can offer a gratuity payment for all your hard work?”

  3. I keep coming back checking for the download, I’m beyond excited to have xsquawkbox for mac that works with the new vatsim audio!

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