XSquawkBox 2.0 beta 2 is out

XSquawkBox 2.0 beta2 can be downloaded from the downloads page. The expiry date remains unchanged as 1 Dec 2019.

All users using 2.0 beta 1 should upgrade immediately.

Please read the beta1 release post if you have not already done so as it contains critical information for using XSB 2.0.

Beta 2 has the following fixes:

  • macOS build should now be built with macOS 10.9 as the mandated minimum version. (we can’t do 10.8 anymore due to dependencies. sorry.)
  • A logic inversion that prevented the text radio from working was identified and corrected.
  • AFV-Native: The default device selection logic was reworked slightly to reduce the risk of not being able to start-up audio at all.
  • xplanemp: The Asynchronous OBJ8 loader is now reenabled when it’s available.

Beta 2 has the following known issues:

  • macOS build is still not signed.
  • The manual is still missing.

16 Replies to “XSquawkBox 2.0 beta 2 is out”

  1. Chris,

    Did a quick install and check without doing a flight but the text is working fine now.

    I can only offer my sincere thanks for your continued input and work.

    Many thanks for the extremely quick update.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for Your effort – app is working great – Mac Catalina.

    I lost voice once – text was working – had to disconnect and connect again – then all fine. No idea what could cause that.

    1. Hi Sir can you tell me version use? Beta hotfix or this beta? Thanks because crash on Mac

  3. I did load it up and connect ok yay text works fine and mic keying was ok, no crashes for the time I connected. Will do a full light soon! Im on OS High Sierra.

  4. Hi Chris,

    For windows which Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable should I be using ?

    v1.3.3 works with

    2017 installed

    but v2 beta 2 gets

    E:\X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/64/win.xpl : Error Code = 126 : The specified module could not be found.

    Do I need to install 2015 ?



  5. Hi Chris,

    I missed 2010 off the list above.

    Any I removed 2017 & installed the 2015-19 redist which fixed the problem.

    Is it ok to still use the BlueBell CSL’s rather than the ones that come with XSB ?



  6. Hi Chris,

    XSB v2 beta 2

    I run XSB on main PC & two remote visual PC’s using “enable proxy”.

    All three computers have identical blue bell CSL’s.

    1. Ground clamping works on the main pc but not on the remote visual pc’s.

    2. Controller list “show who’s online” does not show names on remote visual pc’s.

    3. Liveries match correctly on the main PC but show wrong liveries & sometime aircraft on remote visual pc’s.

    You have told me before the code path for displaying CSL’s is identical when using proxy.

    Could the problem be the information about the aircraft position, controller names etc is not being sent or gets corrupted when the remote visual pc gets the info using proxy from the main pc thus identify the aircraft incorrectly.

    I am happy to test this with you to get it resolved.

    Many thanks,



  7. Hi Chris,

    On further investigation with model matching & controller name I found the following.

    Order dependency.

    Case 1.

    Connect master then

    Connect remote visual.

    model matching & controller names wrong on remote screens.

    Case 2.

    Leave remote visual pc’s connected in XSB.

    Disconnect on master PC XSB.

    Reconnect on master PC XSB.

    model matching & controller names then work on remote screens & master screens.



  8. XSB 2.0 beta 2 does not load for me on a Mac 🙁

    I’ve tried everything..

    Log.txt outputs this:
    Attempting to start XSquawBox Plugin, version XSquawkBox VATSIM 2.0beta2.
    XSB: VATSIM Global Status found at “http://us.data.vatsim.net/vatsim-servers.txt”
    XSB: VATSIM Global Status found at “http://eu.data.vatsim.net/vatsim-servers.txt”
    XSB: VATSIM Global Status found at “http://apac.data.vatsim.net/vatsim-servers.txt”
    XSB: Got Server Details for “AFVDATA”
    XSB: Got Server Details for “CANADA”
    XSB: Got Server Details for “GERMANY-1”
    XSB: Got Server Details for “SINGAPORE”
    XSB: Got Server Details for “SYD-1”
    XSB: Got Server Details for “UK-1”
    XSB: Got Server Details for “USA-EAST”
    XSB: Got Server Details for “USA-WEST”
    XSB:AL: Created Source
    XSB: — Refreshing Audio HW info —

    And X-Plane crashes.

    2.0 beta1 hotfix works ok with known bugs.

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