XSquawkBox 2.0 Beta 3 released

XSquawkBox 2.0 beta 3 is up on the Downloads page.

EDIT: If you’re using macOS, please hold off for a few hours – the build picked up a hard dependency on 10.15 due to some of the third party libraries being incorrectly built (conan is currently failing to enforce min OS version) – I’ve adjusted the build system and am rebuilding it. I’ll update this post again when the fixed build is up.

EDIT 2: hotfix 1 2 with a correctly built macOS plugin is now up.

This beta features the new libsoundio backend with support for PulseAudio and reliable device probing on MacOS.

Please also note the previous post about macOS 10.14 and 10.15 – we cannot support those versions at this time due to the privacy control changes in macOS.

The new audio backend is not as heavily tested as the old portaudio one, so please report any malfunctions discovered ASAP.

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  1. Hi Sir thanks for your work.Setting audio don’t choose input device but output yes(ear microphone).Button don’t show on screen and don’t work.Text fine macOS Catalina. Best regard

  2. My microphone is missing from the input devices under beta 3, it was fine under beta 2. I have reported the issue.

  3. On MAC pro 2013, OS 10.13, X-Plane 11.36 writing text ok, but after pressing assigned enter key text disappears and is not visible for other online pilots/atc.

    And same with me, no choice of input device for audio, output is fine Thanks for putting so much effort into this client and making a lot of simmers happy 😉

  4. Hi Dirk,

    I solved “no choice of audio input” by going to my microphone properties advanced tab & changing “1 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality)” to “1 channel 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)”. There was a message in “log.txt” about the sampling rate being too low for my microphone. Anyway the above fixed the problem.



    1. Hello Duncan,

      thank you for the reply 😉 But there is no advanced tab in the mac os 10.13 system preferences tab audio. I just can see the input & output sources and effects tab 🙁 At least I did not find it even googling it…. Can you give some directions, please, or was it for windows? Thanks a lot, Dirk

        1. Hello Duncan,
          you made me a nice birthday present today😀

          Now Audio in and out works! Text input is now visible to others on Vatsim. Everything is perfect (except the 20fps framerate healthy info pops up quite often 😊)

          Thanks for helping out. I would have never figured out that there is a MIDI app with specific settings🤔

          Thank you very much 🤗

          1. Dirk, I’ve changed vatious settings in 10.15 but nothing gets the mic working. What settings did you change and do you have another mic attached?

  5. Today, not surprisingly Beta 2 stopped working as we are now at the 01-12-19 threshold. I was sincerely hoping that Beta 2 life’s would be extended beyond today in the knowledge no assistance would be provided for 10.14 or 10.15 on iMac.

    However, if the time restraint was removed from the Beta 2 version, anyone running XSB on the above software would be happy to have voice again. I fully appreciate no support is given for the software above version 10.13 but at least it would allow us iMac users to have access to voice.

    Chris, I would urge you to consider removing todays date from the Beta 2 software you provided. I had this running with the occasional disconnect but that is something I could live with because we had voice. Today, trying to fly on vats without voice just didn’t make it worthwhile.

    So please, can we have access to Beta 2 in the knowledge no further support is being offered for this? I do appreciate all your efforts to get XSB running on all software and can only thanks you for your time.


  6. Thank you for the updated Beta. However, not my mic is not detected. I have a mic on a Microsoft headset and a mic on a VR headset. Both are not detected. i also have a webcam, and the microphone array on it is detected.

    Reporting this bug, since until it is fixed, I cannot really use the audio with Vstsim.


    1. I noticed that in the log.txt I get the following error: “AudioDevice: device Microphone Array (Realtek USB2.0 Audio) – doesn’t support monaural audio” and “AudioDevice: device Headset Microphone (Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000) – can’t handle sampling rate.”

      I changed the audio properties of LifeChat to DVD quality and this solved this problem, however, the Realtek USB2.0 Audio device still does not work as it does not have 1 channel option.

  7. HI Chris. I would also ask You to put BETA 2 to be possible to use – for me on Catalina 10.15 was working really fine. Thanks!

  8. I am having the following issues with beta 3:
    1) No Microphone detected. Realtek does not have 1 channel option
    2) No output audio.
    3) No text or audio for atis channels (This was an issue in beta 2 as well)

    Will wait for beta 4 or final version. I feel we are very close to a stable version. Thanks for all the hard word to get this sorted.

  9. Chris,

    can you please confirm if you are willing to leave the beta 2 as open for all us iMac users running 10.14 or above. Particularly considering as updates come out from Apple then I will definitely be updating.

    If this is not possible, is it possible for you to release a version that doesn’t ask for the microphone to included. At least this would allow us to hear ATC but would have respond to them via text. This would not only benefit us as we are missing all the conversation from ATC at the minute, but it would also assist ATC greatly who would not require to keep texting us.

    I honestly fully appreciate your will not be providing support for 10.14 nd above but either of these methods. I’m sure, would greatly be accepted in the knowledge there would be no support.

    As I know nothing of programming I do not know if either of these suggestions will be possible. All I can say is that yesterday I spent over an hour via phone to Apple support who could not do anything to get the latest software to allow the microphone to be accessed. They spoke about the programmer having to obtain a licence, which given squawk box is a freebie and not paid for, I believe this would not be of nay help. The second suggestion from them is the program is re-written, which I believe, is what you have suggested for the future.

    Unfortunately this still leaves iMac users with OX 10.14 and above in limbo. So once again, I would request you consider either of my above suggestions, if nothing else, for a short time fix to allow us access to the ATC voice, or part thereof.


    PS if I can be of assistance, please let me know as I would appreciate some sort of response so I’m not left in limbo not knowing what will be happening.

    1. For all I just try , select dummy ,dummy, dummy, connect, after disconnect choose CoreAudio and select your device. Connect show microphone appear,and volume are high if you disconnect and setupaudio

    2. Hi William – until xsquswkbox is not avalsible for 10.14 or above you can try SWIFT client – fully working for me.

      1. Jurgen,

        I have now tried to install it on three separate occasions. But can never get it to run on my machine.

        It is so complicated to get installed and running.

        That’s what I like about squawk box, its simple and yet very effective. It has everything I need, no bells and whistles, just a good solid working app.



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