XSquawkBox 2.0 beta1 hotfix for MacOS/Linux out

Thanks to some early testers, I woke up this morning to find out we had a dynamic library linking problem with the MacOS (and also Linux) version of the plugin. A hotfixed release has been posted to address those issues. This update contains no changes for Windows users.

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    1. As you upgraded to 10.15, you might be running into problems with Gatekeeper – Gatekeeper in 10.15 now verifies dynamic libraries including X-Plane Plugins – older verions of MacOS do not do this. The XSB plugin is not gatekeeper signed (yet), and I can’t fix that until I get home next week. There’ll be a message about it in the Log.txt if it is gatekeeper (see https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/193236-macxpl-cannot-be-loaded-because-the-developer-cannot-be-verified/ for an example of it affecting another plugin).

      If that’s the problem, you can probably whitelist the mac.xpl using the spctl tool (see http://osxdaily.com/2015/07/15/add-remove-gatekeeper-app-command-line-mac-os-x/ ) or disable Gatekeeper (see https://www.reddit.com/r/MacOS/comments/c68gh9/solution_for_all_apps_not_opening_in_catalina/ ).

      I’ll try to sort out signing for a future release.

      1. I overrode the gatekeeper stuff before you brought the hot fix, what was going on deeper was a security feature was stopping the plugin from accessing the audio.

  1. sir how to set my keyboard fro talking button
    have youtube or not

    1. As was explained in the original release post – you need to use the X-Plane command binding system – XSB now exposes it’s commands like all other plugins and models.

      You can find more information on how to do this in the X-Plane user manual – for Version 11, it’s in sections 4.II.B (for joystick buttons), and 4.III (for keyboard).

  2. Hi Chris,

    just completed a full flight and all went well apart from a minor issue.

    I couldn’t send any text messages despite having bonded this through the Plane keyboard.

    When I pressed the key to open the text, not a problem. Entered all my text without a problem. When I then pressed the key to send the text it just vanished. It doesn’t get sent to the controller.

    I use the ENTER button to open the text and obviously have to use this button to send my text as there is no other selection available.

    Any ideas what’s going wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      I’m also stuggling with that – did anyone manage to send text messages ? I’m able to open the text box and also line for writing but I’m not able to send anything.

  3. Hi Chris, I’m having a problem on OSX 10.11. At first I thought the hot fix would fix, and also I tried the gatekeeper workarounds, but indeed it looks like it’s perhaps not a security issue? Thanks for your great work. J

    dlerror:dlopen(/Volumes/Projects A/SOFTWARE/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/64/mac.xpl, 6): Symbol not found: _clock_gettime
    Referenced from: /Volumes/Projects A/SOFTWARE/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/64/mac.xpl (which was built for Mac OS X 10.13)
    Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
    in /Volumes/Projects A/SOFTWARE/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/64/mac.xpl

    1. James,

      Last month I put a bit on the plane. Org forum regarding Catalina. It’s pinned near the top under the Toliss A319 but should assist you.

      1. Thanks William! Will check that out now, although I am still back on El Capitan (I know!), so possibly those Catalina issues are separate… Will report back. Thanks.

        1. William, just to confirm. The instructions on your post don’t apply in my case, likely because I’m on OSX 10.11.

          If you have any other ideas, let me know!


  4. I have just done a hop from EGBB to EIDW and clarity was great, no latency. It did drop out for no reason once but I reconnected and it was fine.

    I did have the same issue that William Goldie had, I could type the text but when entered it disappeared without being sent. Couldn’t see any of my messages in the text box.
    Great work thank you so much!!

  5. Oddly, if I delete the old squakbox folder and replace it with this one, it doesnt show up in plugins. But if I leave the old folder and just copy the subfolders over the old ones, it does work.

      1. Willie, no, I can type in but it wont sent, audio rec and send works fine

  6. Just connected with no problems, haven’t had time to fly but there were no issues on connection. No floating planes either! Thank you so much Chris!

  7. I’ve also tried a flight, it’s amazing! I just can’t seem to type any messages, it will allow me to type but I can’t send it. Thanks in advance.

  8. Worked pretty nicely on Ubuntu 19.04 with voice (haven’t tried text yet).
    The only thing I see: a lot of warning messages about Jack sound server not found. Do you suggest I replace Pulse with Jack in my installation?

    1. No. Use whatever works for you. XSB2 uses portaudio rather than a pure-ALSA interface so you can pick and choose whatever it directly supports. If you’re finding the ALSA->Pulse path is working for you, then continue to use it. 🙂

  9. Domine,

    Cash you give more info or details as I don’t know what your meaning!


    1. Hi William for assign key Xsquawkbox 2.0 hot fix beta, open Xplane11 choose keyboard and scroll for xsquawkbox ,and assign key.

  10. Domine,

    I had already done this but this doesn’t allow you to send a text message. It only allows you to open the text messages, however, when trying to send. No text messages are being forwarded to any controller or via 122.80.


  11. Same as William I’ve tried everything from keyboard assigning, disabling the enter key from Xplane ATC and there is not an assign for ‘enter’ in Xsquawkbox.
    Im at a loss for any messages.

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