XSquawkBox 2.0beta4 Released

XSquawkBox 2.0 beta 4 hotfix 2 is up on the Downloads page.

(hotfix 1 has been released to address a build issue with portaudio that resulted in the macos 10.15 dependency creeping back in – it contains no other changes and should work on older macOS releases now).

(hotfix 2 has been released to address a build issue with opus that resulted in AVX optimisations always being present on macOS and possibly Linux as well)

This release incorporates a number of bugfixes as well as a reversion to the older portaudio sound driver. More importantly, macOS 10.14 and newer are supported again when used with X-Plane 11.41 (or newer).

These changes include:

  • The volume controls now apply logarithmically rather than linearly which produces a more progressive and natural feeling volume adjustment – a substantial improvement over the previous betas.
  • The Radio effects setting is now correctly persisted between runs.
  • The portaudio driver got reintegrated into AFV-Native so the driver can now be selected at build-time. soundio may return on Linux and/or macOS if we can resolve the remaining issues with the soundio port independently of XSquawkBox development.
  • AFV-Native got a run-over with a fine-tooth comb to hunt down the 1hr stuttering/crash bug – I believe I’ve fixed it, but please note the instructions in the README if you were having problems with it and want to be able to help debug it.
  • Various logging changes to help with further debugging of issues.
  • The macOS release is now signed and should load without gatekeeper intervention.

This beta will expire on 1 February 2020.

Audio configs will have changed (again), so you’ll need to rerun audio setup.

If you have not run the 2.0 beta before, please make sure you read the beta 1 announcement for important information about how to use XSquawkBox 2.0.

17 Replies to “XSquawkBox 2.0beta4 Released”

    1. This is the AVX optimisation issue I just published a Known Issues post about. A fix is coming.

  1. When I login I cannot enter the chat room for any controller near me. I am running Mac OS 10.15 Xplane 11.41 I do not hear any audio at all, do I need to download any other software? I configured my mic settings and got the same result.

    1. Please make sure you’re using a 2.0 beta and have read all of the relevant posts and information about how to set up the 2.0 beta. (You may also want to read the AFV guides for the background information – VATSIM no longer uses a “chat room” based voice system).

  2. I am running Mac OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan) with XP 10.51. The XSquawkbox 2.0b4 is installed, but is not loaded. The XP logfile reads:

    dlerror:dlopen(/Volumes/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/64/mac.xpl, 6): Symbol not found: ____chkstk_darwin
    Referenced from: /Volumes/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/64/mac.xpl
    Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
    in /Volumes/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/XSquawkBox/64/mac.xpl

    1. Most likely you need a newer version of macOS. The README requirements to say 10.9 or newer, so they either need to be amended or the build be fixed.

  3. Dear Chris

    Thanks! Testing on Ubuntu. I can confirm a working alsa/pulse.
    I however cannot see the xsquawkbox/voice datarefs in DRT for the 1hr audio debugging. I can see all the other xsquawkbox datarefs (text, login and the like). Do I need to turn on something to see those datarefs? Please advise


    1. No – if you’re running 2.0beta4, those datarefs are registered during XSB startup. They do not exist in any previous version of XSB.

  4. Dear Chris

    I’ve verified again that I have beta4 and have re-checked with the DRT. No xsquawkbox/voice datarefs visible. Any idea where this could be from?


    1. You’ll have to file a formal bug report then with the full unedited log so I can work out what’s happened.

  5. No VATSIM audio on Kubuntu 18.04, and like Reto I cannot see those datarefs in DRT

  6. Hey Chris,

    Happy new year, please keep up the great work for the community!

    I’ve filed a bug regarding the voice datarefs.

    One other thing that I’ve seen (ubuntu 18.04, pulse) is that I hear myself through the xsquawkbox-selected output device including the radio effects with about 0.5 seconds delay. This had not happened in previous versions. I’ve tried to search for any monitor / loopback in alsamixer or pavucontrol, but did not find any. Should I also file a bug?


  7. Thank you very much for your effort in producing this plugin.

    Is it possible for you to provide the nearby ATC sectors in a dataref? That’s a piece of information that would make this the go-to plugin for VR users because then we could use FWL to display the info in VR.

    Cheers, Craig.

  8. Thank you very much Chris for this beta 4 version which works fine for me on MacOS 10.14 and X-Plane 11.41. Finally we are back with voice on VATSIM! We appreciate your hard work and tenacity to achieve this. All the best in 2020!

    Best regards


  9. Probably the wrong place to post this, but I used to see a title bar in the text box relating to the station I’ve tuned to, including their callsign which was really useful, but that seems to have gone at the same time the keybinds went. Is there any chance that could be reinstated or would it be something I’ve done wrong?

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