XSquawkBox 2.0beta5 Released

hotfix 1 has been released to address the AVX dependency bug creeping back in again due to my slipping up with merging the hotfix from the last release.

This release incorporates a number of bugfixes for new bugs discovered late in the beta4 cycle. XSquawkBox 2.0 beta 5 expires on 1 March 2020.

Please refer to the README file in the download as well as the manual (linked from navigation bar on this site) for more details.

As the beta is quite stable now, I’ve withdrawn 1.3.3 from the website to eliminate confusion over XSquawkBox’s support for AFV arising from this old version still being in distribution.

From the beta 5 changelog:

  • We do not perform time dilation detection for external flight model and OBS users anymore. These restrictions were more from oversight than intent.
  • Time Dilation is now warned correctly after a soft reset of the time dilation pool. (The actual behaviour was correct, we just weren’t warning properly).
  • Don’t produce a “your simulator is good” message unless we’ve produced a warning first.
  • Expose the time dilation detector pool remaining as a percentage and current detected fast/slow state via dataref.
  • Export some of our datarefs to DataRefEditor/DataRefTool to make them easier to inspect, and to make that inspection reliable across all platforms.
  • Harden the ACCONFIG parser and tidy up our own output slightly to avoid potential undefined behaviours including random crashes when connected.
  • Fixes a bug where a run-time change of aircraft in AI slots could trip a disconnect without warning due to ignoring the plane identity slot of XPLM_MSG_PLANE_LOADED messages.
  • Fixes a bug where we reset the ACCONFIG internal model state every time we saw a XPLM_MSG_PLANE_LOADED message, irrespective if it was for our plane or for an AI slot.
  • Linux builds are now being performed on Ubuntu 18.04 (rather than 16.04).
  • Updated to AFV-Native 0.9.4 (build-chain and dependency version updates only)