Reporting Issues

Whilst a lot of our bug reporters read the instructions and do the right thing, there are still quite a few people who report potentially serious issues and fail to read the instructions on the page.

I cannot stress this enough – you must include the full, unedited, Log.txt in your submission.

Anything less is mostly useless. A number of our issues to date could not have been resolved without the additional context the full Log.txt provides, as well as the fact that most people who try to filter it, do not actually capture all of the related messages.

Just copy and paste the whole Log.txt when you report an issue.

One Reply to “Reporting Issues”

  1. Hello,
    i have been using this client for evr, and lately it just hasnt worked, it keeps disconecting and i dont know whats wrong!?!?!
    plz help!!!

    Kind regards, Grady

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