X-Plane 11.50 beta Compatibility

XSquawkBox 2.x is NOT SUPPORTED with X-Plane betas. I will look into issues, but I really do not guaranty or even pretend that they work.

Furthermore, 2.x does not work with Vulkan, and there’s a bug in 11.50b1 that will probably break it with OpenGL too.

If you want to fly on VATSIM, please run the stable release of X-Plane.

2 Replies to “X-Plane 11.50 beta Compatibility”

  1. Dear Reader,

    can you inform me, when XsquawkBox wil be compatible with Vulkan and 1150b3


  2. It will never be supported with 11.50b3. I do not support X-Plane betas. Until 11.50 is a stable release, you must use 11.41 if you want support, and I am not cutting any XSquawkBox 2 releases with Vulkan support as that’ll break X-Plane 10 support (or at least make it significantly more difficult to support).

    XSquawkBox 3.0 will support Vulkan. I’ve been working on it this long weekend, and assuming I even finish it before 11.50 goes stable, I will not be releasing it until 11.50 is stable, or is obviously very close to stable to avoid being buried in bug reports due to the X-Plane beta.

    Also bear in mind that X-Plane betas are genuine betas unlike a certain other flight simulator’s “beta” practices – you really shouldn’t be using them if you want a stable simulator – and this is especially true with 11.50.

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